Integrals power is a next-generation battery technology company committed to accelerated research, development and commercialisation of state-of-the-art battery.
The engineering team have conducted comprehensive market verification & validation to form their strategy for the development of commercially feasible state-of-the-art battery materials. This broad market research empowered the accelerated design, development, and production of Integrals power proprietary high-performance, cost effective and scalable battery material. The material empowers economical cells with higher energy density and longer cycle life.

Integrals Power was formed with a strong dedication to present innovative, performance based design solutions to support transition to zero carbon energy applications. Our mission is committed to providing Quality Service and Innovative Engineering Solutions globally. Integrals power works closely with their clients and project partners to design, develop and test the latest electronics and electrified mobility concepts.



Current lithium-ion batteries can’t keep up with our present technology or our electrified future. Power and energy density limitations decrease the driving range of electric vehicles, inevitably driving end consumers away from future electrified adoption.

Integrals Power’s scientists and engineering team are focused on developing next generation lithium-ion (LiFePO4) & lithium metal batteries through leading materials development and manufacturing to support transition to zero carbon energy applications.

Combining Integrals Power’s advanced anodes and cathodes developments with state-of-the-art cell technology, delivers hi-performance battery packs and systems for the most demanding applications. Our state-of-the-art, environmentally-friendly battery technology is extremely repeatable and scalable at a very low cost.This development will redefine the standard for battery production and performance as it is significant to break out of the decades long incremental approach to developing an optimised battery.

Integrals Power is developing high-performance, safe, and reliable lithium ion and lithium metal energy solutions by performing numerous R&D validation tests on advanced battery materials.

Low Cost

Batteries must accomplish market cost targets in order to make a truly sustainable future dream come true. Integrals power considers this factor as one of the crucial segments of future electrification.

Fast Charging

Batteries still struggle with fast charging concept due to the high risk of dangerous chemical reactions and it can lead to hazardous failure or capacity fade. Integrals power R&D team are fully aware of fast charging risks as well as benefits that can speed up the process of future electrification.

High Energy Density

Battery ranges are defined by their limited energy density which varies based on the applied materials. Integrals power is widely considering this game changing factor by performing tests on different advanced materials, leading to the highest energy density.

Long Cycle Life

Elevated temperature and fast charging can lead to capacity fade over time for batteries. Integrals power’s approach in minimising capacity loss can drastically improve the life span of battery.


Consumer Electronics

OEM’s in consumer electronics benefit the most from decreasing the weight and volume of battery cells. Next generation batteries with better power use within similar battery time can influence the entire consumer electronics market drastically. As portable electronics and advanced technologies like wearable devices proliferate, concerns over lithium-ion batteries increase. End consumers expect repeatable validation and verification from these electronics and the batteries which support them. Integrals power is developing high-performing materials and batteries offering lighter and more economical consumer electronics.


Grid Storage

Utilities, commercial and industrial facilities are combining energy storage with harness intermittent renewable energy. For commercial applications, On-site energy storage decreases extravagant peak demand costs, meets clean energy objectives and provides flexibility for critical functions. Aging utilities electricity grid concern can be addressed based on this key solution. Optimised battery components offer better energy density and cycle life within storage solutions across industries and the grid. This energy density increase at battery cell level will decrease the cost per kWh of storage in context of limited volume and weight in grid and residential storage.


Electric Vehicles

Battery cells with increased energy density can help the automotive and aviation industry to boost the range of its products by reducing weight & volume of the battery pack and offering longer battery time. Electric vehicles are the inevitable future, however current EV battery technology struggles with range restrictions and end consumer adoption. Limited EV range at costly rates motivates Integrals power to develop battery material components to power the future of sustainable vehicles through effective EV battery technology.



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