Integrals power Limited (IPL) is a next-generation battery nano-material company committed to accelerated research, development and commercialisation of state-of-the-art battery.
The team of entrepreneurs, scientists and engineers have conducted comprehensive market verification & validation to form their strategy for the development of commercially feasible state-of-the-art battery materials. This broad market research empowered the accelerated development and production of Integrals power proprietary high-performance, cost effective and scalable battery cathode materials such as Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) for lithium based batteries. IPL’s latest battery material development results empower economical cells with higher performance compared to the conventional alternatives.

IPL was formed with a strong dedication to present innovative, performance based battery material solutions to support transition to zero carbon energy applications. Our mission is committed to enabling mass uptake of battery powered solutions globally and reduce CO2 emissions. IPL works closely with valuable academic and industrial partners in collaborative government funded projects to accelerate the commercialisation and scale-up of novel nano materials.



Current lithium-ion batteries can’t keep up with the present needs and our electrified future.

High costs, power and capacity limitations prevent from the mass adoption of electric vehicles and drives end users away from future electrified adoption. Many EV manufacturers have adopted LFP as their alternative cathode material for lithium-Ion batteries.

Unreliable, inconsistent and low performance LFP has been identified as the main challenge for battery manufacturers and end-users.

Integrals Power’s scientists and engineering team are focused on developing next generation lithium-ion & lithium metal batteries through leading cathode materials development and manufacturing to support transition to zero carbon energy applications.

Combining Integrals Power’s advanced cathodes developments with state-of-the-art cell technology, delivers hi-performance battery cells, packs and systems for the most demanding applications. Our state-of-the-art, environmentally-friendly battery technology is extremely repeatable and scalable at a very low cost.

This development will redefine the standard for battery production and performance as it is significant to break out of the decades long incremental approach to developing an optimized battery.

The basis of the operation of lithium-based batteries relies on the exchange of lithium-ions between the anode and cathode. Cathodes are the main limiting factor in battery performance and are where the most valuable metals lie. By improving battery material particle properties, it is possible to produce a lithium-ion battery that offers significantly better performance.

Integrals Power is developing high-performance, safe and reliable battery cathode materials including LFP and LFMP by collaborating with UK government and performing numerous R&D validation tests on advanced battery materials.

Our innovative approach is known as bottom-up which allows Integrals Power cathode materials to offer higher capacity retention and discharge rates within normal and extreme environmental temperatures.

The bottom-up approach further comprises of creating nano-materials and objects based on atoms, molecules, and aggregate grouping. Bottom-up syntheses are additive, like a tree that grows from a small seed, albeit utilising chemistry to control structure.

Inspiration for bottom-up approaches comes from biological systems, where nature has harnessed chemical forces to create essentially all the structures needed by life. This approach replicates nature’s ability to produce small clusters of specific atoms, which can then self-assemble into more-elaborate structures.

Low Cost

Batteries must accomplish market cost targets in order to make a truly sustainable future dream come true. Integrals power considers this factor as one of the crucial segments of battery development and key enabler for future electrification.

High power density

Offering high battery power density is challenging due to low capacity and limited discharge rates. Integrals Power has tackled both of these challenges and can offer high power density by relying on its higher capacity retention and high discharge rates.

High capacity retention

Current batteries struggle with high capacity fading specifically during different environmental temperatures and higher discharge rates. Integrals power LFP has added on average 30% more capacity which can reach up to 300% more in extreme environmental temperatures compared to benchmark.

Long cycle life

Elevated temperature and fast charge/discharge can lead to capacity fade over time for batteries. Integrals power’s approach in minimising capacity loss can maintain the high life span of battery.



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